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myVR - Virtually Everything

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Sociální sítě Zábava
Vývojář: myWebRoom

Stay up to date on the topics you’re passionate about and hangout with friends in Virtual Reality. Design an interactive virtual room to use as your profile. Select different items in the room to access different feeds of content based on your interests - for example select the TV to watch viral videos. Sign up to connect with the people and content you care about anytime in a personal space you design.

myVR lets you discover, save, stream, and share content based on any interest. Simply add a source to start getting news, recipes, videos, pictures, music, articles, and more. Follow friends to watch videos, listen to music, and read articles together while you voice chat.

Do everything you love to do online in a realistic and fun VR experience. Rediscover the internet in a community of customizable virtual spaces you share with friends.

Note: myVR - Virtually Everything requires a headset with a button! For best results, we recommend using a Google Cardboard.


-Show off your personality by designing your own interactive virtual room to use as your profile.
-Control what content you see: add custom sources from your free account on mywebroom.com to stay up to date with your favorite travel sites, photography, music stations, and more.
-Don’t know what to add? Discover the best videos, articles, and websites the internet has to offer.
-Search within any interest feed in your room to find content faster using voice command or keyboard.
-Keep active tabs open so you can visit your favorites again later.
-Get social: Visit other people’s rooms and check out what they’re into.
-Enjoy content with your friends - send a request to have a joint browsing session and watch videos, read articles, and listen to music together.
-Use live voice chat to talk with your friends or meet new ones.
-Search through other users to find people to follow.
-Select items in the rooms to access the different interest feeds: apps and gadgets, art, college life, DIY, entertainment, food, games, interior design, latest news, life hacks, wellness, music, pets, photography, reads, shopping, sports, style and beauty, tech news, travel, and videos.

**Important: iTunes does not allow developers to respond to reviews, so if something is confusing, you want to suggest a feature, or you need help in general, please email us at feedback@mywebroom.com. We’d love to hear your thoughts to help us make our app better for you and we love helping our users troubleshoot. Thanks!**